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          3. Yancheng Chaina Fragrance Co.,Ltd.
            Spice products
            Natural alcohol series
            Natural acid series
            Natural ester series
            Natural aldehyde series
            Daily perfume series
            Pharmaceutical intermediates\APIs
            Food additives
            Custom processing services
               Natural Hexyl Alcohol
               Allyl amyl glycolate
               Diethyl aminomalonate hydrochl
               Propionic acid
            Custom processing services

            Providing custom processing service for perfume, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

            From the beginning contact to the last goods deliver, we all appoint professional manager. We know what customers need from communication.

            In the process, we pursue of speed, flexibility, transparency and fair.

              1.Inform we have the ability to accept the book or not within one week;

              2.Sign project confidentiality agreement;

              3.Assess on information as technique and SMC;

              4.Prepare project proposal according to requirements;

              5.Deliver proposal to customer and negotiate on detail;

              6.Visit or test our production equipment;

              7.Start related processing program.